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How Has Travel Changed You? image

Think back to that first trip that really changed you… For me it was South Africa & Swaziland in 2013. Imagine this Imagine waking up at 5am to the sounds of wildlife and having no idea what it is. Once you realize it’s not a dream you jump out of bed and peek through the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything moving. You grab the camera and quietly open the door, trying to not scare anything that might be roaming nearby. And there you see antelope wandering around in herds and monkey running along the gravel path while giraffe and zebra roam freely, coming within feet of the rondavel. You stand there in awe, taking it all in and ...

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Thursday Thoughts: Resolutions or Affirmations image

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 A new year symbolizes a clean slate; a fresh start. Leaving the past behind and embracing the magic of new beginnings and possibilities. We let go of all regret and failure from the year behind us, and fill our lungs with hope for the future. Go forward with your vision even if no one else sees it but you. I have always enjoyed checking things off a list, turning the page and starting fresh. There is something refreshing about a new day, a new month, a new year. This year however, I have decided instead of making a New Year’s resolution I will make New Year’s Affirmations… “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language ...

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Happy Thanksgiving image

There is so much to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is the best time to remember, thank and appreciate the many blessings that life brings you. It has been an interesting year full of countless moments (good & bad) that made me feel alive + grateful for each day. Life is a gift, get out there and live it! In January there will be a travel highlights + year reflection post with much more. What is one thing you are grateful for this year? Wishing you and your loved ones safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s tidbit: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” — Melody Beattie

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Thursday Thoughts: The Blind Cafe image

Social change… in the dark Do you know someone who is blind? Have you ever thought about what it’d really be like? Last month I had the opportunity to not only think about what that would be like but to also experience it with Chris (who was visiting from Australia) for a couple hours in Boulder, CO. The Blind Cafe is a Colorado-based organization with pop-up locations in five cities across the United States (Austin, Boulder, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle). We create inspiring and impactful positive social change experiences in the pitch dark for corporate, college, non-profit fundraisers and the public! The Blind Cafe’s mission is to use the concept of darkness to inspire and initiate ‘positive social change’ in ...

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DO The Damn Thing 2015 image

Make it happen Still trying to figure out what you’re here to do? Got a dream in your heart and want to learn how to bring it to life? Ready to create and live your BIG vision? Want to become an unstoppable, successful leader? Ready to stop living for others and say yes to YOU? Know you’ve been called to do something great but not sure how? It’s time to take your feet off the brakes, press play, say YES, unleash the POWER of YOU and Do Your Damn Thing UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Don’t let anyone tell you that wanting better or more is wrong! YOU DESERVE whatever you desire and to get it you’ll have to… Stop asking for permission – ...

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I’m moving! A new adventure awaits image

Goodbye Washington, DC. Hello Colorado. It’s my birthday month and I’ve got some exciting news to share! Back in January I made a promise to myself that 2015 would be the year to leave everything and travel. To take advantage of any opportunity to discover this beautiful planet. I certainly have traveled, exploring more countries + states in the USA this year than ever before. It has been absolutely incredible and I don’t plan on stopping. With that said, I’ve been seeking a big change since I went to Western Australia (WA) last June. While WA is still where my heart is (priority to move there in 2016) I am trying to plan less and seize new opportunities as they ...

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