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When it comes to traveling, sightseeing and the big attractions are important in any city. I strongly believe in leaving your comfort zone and really immersing yourself though. What better way to do this than by interacting with locals? It really enriches the experience. I’m thrilled to introduce BonAppetour, a fun twist to eating out where you can dine with locals around the world. “Like you, we love to travel. But we believe that traveling isn’t just about sightseeing – we believe in experiential travel. There is a side of the city that has to be discovered through the interaction with locals and engaging with cultures across the world. And what better way than to eat with locals at their homes? That’s ...

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So what happened? In February I left on the first big trip of 2015 + one month full of unforgettable travel, although it feels like I was gone a year… 3 continents, 3 islands, 5 countries, 13 cities, 5 flights, 4 airlines, 2 train rides, 1 cruise, many bus tours/transfers, thousands of pictures and countless memories! So grateful for this AMAZING adventure with my mom! Image below: Flying over the Alps (New York City > Milan, Italy) was truly beautiful! Morocco Casablanca + Rabat + Meknes + Fes + Sahara Desert, Merzouga + Ouarzazate + Marrakech + Essaouira This trip all started with a ASTA travel agent conference in Marrakech. My mom was able to invite one guest, and lucky ...

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Thursday Thoughts There are a few different blog series I want to start, with the first being Thursday Thoughts. Content will range from recently read articles to new destinations. The main purpose of these is to get YOU to share your thoughts. We all have stories and feedback that can benefit someone else + I would love to hear from you! Another Adventure In February and March I traveled to Morocco, Spain (Barcelona), Canary Islands, Italy (Milan) and Massachusetts (Boston). There will be lots of posts coming on those incredible adventures, but for now I’m excited to announce the next trip. In two weeks I will be exploring Europe with one of my best friends, Holly! Normally I travel solo ...

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