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What happened in 2o15? Playing catch up, last month I shared a 2014 Travel Highlights post. 2015 was definitely my biggest travel year so far! Going through thousands of photos trying to narrow down the highlights was both a challenge and also neat to relive it all again. Who’s ready for the travel bug to hit? “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous Where to? 7 countries | 18 US states + 7 National Parks Morocco: Casablanca + Rabat + Meknes + Fes + Sahara Desert, Merzouga + Ouarzazate + Marrakech + Essaouira Spain: Barcelona Canary Islands: Madeira + Tenerife + Lanzarote + Malaga Italy: Milan + Rome + Pisa + Florence Switzerland: Lucerne + Lauterbrunnen + Swiss Alps France: ...

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Earlier this month I woke up to some GREAT news from Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC. Happy to say that after almost a year of working on this it’s official… my trademark for “Adjust Your Focus” was granted by the USPTO!! Adjust Your Focus® is now registered for 10 years! When I announced that on social media, several people reached out asking why I decided to trademark and how was the process. It was a big investment, and decision, but I’m glad I went for it. Hopefully this post will answer any questions you have about trademarking. Trademarking Adjust Your Focus® Registering a trademark gives you important legal rights and ownership. The start of rebranding Attending my first travel conference ...

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Colorado Instameet A few months ago I moved to Colorado and have been exploring as much as possible. I’ve followed Jacob Moon for a while and love his photography. When the #WinterTribeMeetup he organized popped up in my Instagram feed, inviting us to join him and his wife Natasha on an amazing winter adventure in Colorado, I was immediately interested. Why go? Meet Jacob + Natasha? Make new friends that have similar interests and plan future adventures? Go winter camping with the experts? Learn how to make a proper snow cave? Plan to sleep in a tent but end up sleeping in a snow cave? Get out of your comfort zone? Night photography? Winter fun? YES to all the above! While those ...

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Last months 5-Star Experience post had a peek into Milan but focused on Park Hyatt Milan. In 2015 I was able to explore a few cities in Italy, starting with Milan. Milan, Italy Since our flight stopped here we decided to take advantage and end a month-long trip with 2 days in Milan, a city full of art, food & fashion. Although it was rainy, that didn’t stop us from exploring and having a lovely time. Introduction + Importance You often hear mixed reviews about Milan, but the city surprised me in many ways. Before making any judgements, like with any place, really go see it for yourself first and then decide. “Home of Italy’s stock exchange, an industrial powerhouse and the internationally accepted ...

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Think back to that first trip that really changed you… For me it was South Africa & Swaziland in 2013. Imagine this Imagine waking up at 5am to the sounds of wildlife and having no idea what it is. Once you realize it’s not a dream you jump out of bed and peek through the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything moving. You grab the camera and quietly open the door, trying to not scare anything that might be roaming nearby. And there you see antelope wandering around in herds and monkey running along the gravel path while giraffe and zebra roam freely, coming within feet of the rondavel. You stand there in awe, taking it all in and ...

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Why 2014? Sorting through thousands of photos trying to narrow down the highlights of 2015 was a challenge. In the process, I realized 2014 was also a big travel year and since Adjust Your Focus launched in 2015 those adventures haven’t been shared yet. There will be another post coming on 2015 travel highlights, but for now rewind to 2014. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” — Saint Augustine Where to? 5 countries: United States: Albany & Saratoga, New York + Washington, D.C. + Denver, Colorado Mexico: Cozumel + Costa Maya Belize Honduras: Roatan Australia: Perth + Western Australia February Roatan, Honduras The first stop on a Western Caribbean cruise with my ...

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