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It’s an amazing thing when you network and meet people (and brands) that really speak to you. Skyler, founder/owner of SugarSky, is one of those positive, empowering women I connected instantly with last month and I’m thrilled to introduce. What is SugarSky? A handmade in the USA headwear business specifically geared towards those who love adventure, travel, and the beautiful outdoors (yes, yes, and yes). A little background Sky is originally from Mississippi but has traveled all over, and is currently living in Georgia. Although a construction engineer by degree, her entrepreneur spirit led to SugarSky. She had started a division inside a software company and was holding a Director level position managing a fairly large team, but slowly grew to ...

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Happy Thanksgiving image

There is so much to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is the best time to remember, thank and appreciate the many blessings that life brings you. It has been an interesting year full of countless moments (good & bad) that made me feel alive + grateful for each day. Life is a gift, get out there and live it! In January there will be a travel highlights + year reflection post with much more. What is one thing you are grateful for this year? Wishing you and your loved ones safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s tidbit: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” — Melody Beattie

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Friends Who Travel Together image

When it comes to traveling, there are lots of different options on where to go + WHO to go with. Do you venture out solo, go with family, book a tour and/or explore with a friend? Up until this year I had always gone solo or with family. In June that changed when Holly (a friend + roommate) and I decided to stop talking about Europe and make the trip a reality. As the Thanksgiving week starts, it’s a good time to think about everything you are grateful for. Exploring near or far, from Washington, D.C. to Europe, one of the many things I’m grateful for is having a true friend + travel partner like Holly and the many travel adventures this ...

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Thursday Thoughts: The Blind Cafe image

Social change… in the dark Do you know someone who is blind? Have you ever thought about what it’d really be like? Last month I had the opportunity to not only think about what that would be like but to also experience it with Chris (who was visiting from Australia) for a couple hours in Boulder, CO. The Blind Cafe is a Colorado-based organization with pop-up locations in five cities across the United States (Austin, Boulder, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle). We create inspiring and impactful positive social change experiences in the pitch dark for corporate, college, non-profit fundraisers and the public! The Blind Cafe’s mission is to use the concept of darkness to inspire and initiate ‘positive social change’ in ...

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What to Do: Gauteng province, South Africa image

Catching up 2015 has been full of travel, moving and more travel, resulting in falling behind on posts. I’ll be catching up, posting 1-2 times a week now. Not only will it be great to relive it myself, but I can’t wait to share all the amazing adventures with you. In doing so, hopefully it inspires YOU to go travel and explore this big, beautiful world + in the process, perhaps it will make you consider destinations you hadn’t thought about. New series There are currently two blog series: Thursday Thoughts, which encourages you to share your thoughts, and At a Glance, which shares highlights + an overview after a trip. I’m excited to introduce the next series: What to Do, ...

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Super Blood Moon image

Last night, September 27th, the Sun + Earth + Moon lined up in a row to put on a magical show. People all over the world looked up to watch the lunar eclipse. Super Moon + Blood Moon + Lunar Eclipse Why was it special? It was a special one for at least two reasons. First, it was a super moon + blood moon. It happened to be at perigee, the spot in its orbit that brings it closest to the Earth. Some call the totally eclipsed moon a “blood moon” for the red-orange color, which happens once it’s completely in the Earth’s shadow. Second, this lunar eclipse was the last in a series of four in two years. It can happen a couple ...

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