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The Women in Travel Summit is the first travel blog conference that’s run by women for women. Wanderful is an international community of women who travel. Our mission is to connect women travelers together by empowering them with the tools they need to go abroad and facilitating a trusted network that can help guide them in their journeys. We created the Women in Travel Summit after we realized that there was a real need for professional women and self-starters in travel to share their experiences with one another both in the working world and as members of our global community. WITS does just that — a fusion of hands-on, applicable workshops and networking to inspire and empower one another to ...

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First trips of 2016. Where to? image

Upcoming Domestic + International Trip 2016 started off rough but March is going to be, and already has been, a great month for many reasons. A few possible opportunities in the works but for now, happy to share this weekend I will be heading to California and in 10 days I’ll be on a plane to Australia! Irvine, California One year ago I attended Women in Travel Summit (WITS’15), the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women, in Boston, MA. The conference brought together 300 women with a passion for travel. It was overwhelming (in the best way possible) being around so many beautiful, adventurous, curious, creative, passionate, and inspirational like-minded women (read more). This weekend I will be in ...

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Should You Trademark? image

Earlier this month I woke up to some GREAT news from Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC. Happy to say that after almost a year of working on this it’s official… my trademark for “Adjust Your Focus” was granted by the USPTO!! Adjust Your Focus® is now registered for 10 years! When I announced that on social media, several people reached out asking why I decided to trademark and how was the process. It was a big investment, and decision, but I’m glad I went for it. Hopefully this post will answer any questions you have about trademarking. Trademarking Adjust Your Focus® Registering a trademark gives you important legal rights and ownership. The start of rebranding Attending my first travel conference ...

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WITS + Introducing Taste & See Life image

Along with traveling a ton this year, I have also been doing freelance design work including several branding projects. These have ranged from financial planning companies to travel bloggers and entrepreneurs. As a graphic designer, I look forward to working together to create visual solutions that will bring a brand to life. I’m excited to share Taste & See Life (new logo went live today). So how did this connection start? At WITS! Women in Travel Summit WITS’15 Back in March I attended Women in Travel Summit (WITS), the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women, in Boston, MA. The very first blog post after I launched Adjust Your Focus™ was Why Go to a Travel Conference?, where I shared ...

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Why Go to a Travel Conference? image

The end of March, one week after returning from a month overseas, I was on a plane again heading to Boston, MA for the Women in Travel Summit (WITS15), the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women. Why go? Network As I stood in line waiting to meet with keynote speaker Dina Yuen, who is CEO and Founder of AsianFusion, a girl came up and asked if she could join in. The more we talked the more we connected, and we’ve been friends since. Another example, as I mingled things would come up like, “I’m thinking of rebranding and need design help.” Well, perfect I’m a graphic designer and the conversation would take off (and I have ...

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