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A platform to be creative and where I share my love for photography + design + travel. This is a place to connect and a source for inspiration. I encourage you to follow your dreams + focus on what's important.

Create the life you want


For a dream to come true you have to have a DREAM.
You need to BELIEVE it can and will happen.
Take a leap and CREATE it. Start doing things, no matter how big or small, that will help you to achieve your goals.
You’ll find even if you don’t ACHIEVE the initial goal, you will accomplish more than you would have imagined you could. You will have taught yourself valuable lessons, learned and grown.

By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out who you are truly capable of becoming. What we lose in comfort, we gain in freedom. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback and opportunity. Perhaps this is where you ADJUST YOUR FOCUS®.

Adjust Your Focus® in the making

A little background

Have you grown up knowing exactly what you want to do and made it your reality? My twin, Allie did just that. Since we were little, Allie has known she wanted to be a doctor. I couldn’t be more proud of her for following her passion and dream. That drive and determination has gotten her to where she is today… a doctor in Colorado.

There are many people out there like Allie. People who just know what they want to do and are lucky + determined enough to make it happen. There are also many people out there like me. People who are familiar with the feeling of not knowing what to do with their life.

I’ve always been adventurous and creative. After high school I went to three different colleges and changed majors twice. With so many options and things to experience, how could I narrow it down to one major and to one career path? It was daunting. Photography was my first major, but the constant questioning of what I’d do after graduating made me question myself and my skills. I took a year off to dabble in other mediums, which is where I found graphic design.

Right after graduating college, I started as a full time graphic designer at an agency in the Washington, D.C. area. It was wonderful at first, working with many clients on a variety of projects. After the first year, I felt a strong sense of craving for something else though. I started to question if what I was doing was making a difference at all. Sure it was a steady paycheck, but I wasn’t growing as a designer any more. The work I was doing became less creative and the environment was more stressful. I didn’t look forward to going into the office and there weren’t many projects I was working on that I would put in my portfolio. I remember thinking it was too early in my career to feel like this.

I wasn’t happy and realized I was placing expectations on myself to try to live up to a certain societal standard. Why? This is my life, not anyone else’s. After almost two years, I left that agency job and took a month off (or so I thought) to work on freelance projects and figure out what to do next.

Then what? Traveling + Adjust Your Focus®

I’d been fortunate to travel around the USA and the Bahamas + Caribbean Islands, but after this is where traveling really came into play. With the combination of my mom being a travel agent and my new flexible schedule freelancing, I had the opportunity to travel more.

In September 2013, I went on an organized three week-long tour to South Africa that exposed me to not only my most in-depth international experience, but also to other cultures through fellow travelers in our group. I was introduced to new ways of life that seemed refreshing. Hearing travel stories from others in our group was inspiring. The trip changed me in ways I never expected, but am thankful for.

Travel changes people and their philosophies and attitude toward life when experienced with an open and understanding mind. Those around me said I changed and we couldn’t relate to each other any more. When I shared my adventures and new goals, I was told that’s not the “norm” or “reality”. I began to question everything… and then I listened to my gut and it hit me, yes people are doing this and it can be your reality! I just met a group of people from all over the world doing it. It may not be as common but you can make a life that involves traveling often, or doing whatever it is you want, if you really focus and prioritize.

When you start to live in an “unusual” way, it’s just too risky of a lifestyle for some. Many can’t understand it and fear for you. You begin to doubt the path you are taking to follow your heart when this happens and it becomes so easy to lose sight of your vision. We have to believe, however, that it truly is within our power to change, adjust and rebuild. Really take a good look at your life and what you want. If you find yourself confused, unhappy and craving more like I was, then listen to your instincts and Adjust Your Focus®.

What's next? My Story + Your Story

After South Africa, I knew travel was a priority for me. I also realized I still love design, I just needed to get out of the job I was at. I spent 2013-2014 freelancing and traveling. I was able to explore some of Central America and Western Australia. Coming back from those trips, I was reenergized and felt truly happy.

My focus changed and I wasn’t worrying what everyone else was thinking. Instead I was confident in what I wanted and finally started to listen to my instincts and follow that path. Those worth having in your life just want to see you happy and will come to support you. You may even inspire them.

2015 started with amazing travel, where I spent one month with my mom exploring Morocco, Spain and the Canary Islands. A few days later I headed to Boston, MA in March for my first travel blogging summit (Women In Travel Summit). It was incredible and I left feeling inspired and motivated. When I returned home I went to work on my vision, resulting in the launch of Adjust Your Focus® in May 2015.

Adjust Your Focus® is a platform to be creative and where I share my love for photography + design + travel. This is a place to connect and a source for inspiration. I encourage you to follow your dreams + focus on what’s important.

I became so tired of defending and justifying my dreams. Don’t. Do the things you feel your heart pulling you towards, and don’t justify it. As you go through different stages of life and have new experiences, your focus will change. I plan on finding a balance between stability + spontaneity while pursuing my passions. What about you? At the end of the day, we answer to no one but ourselves. Only we know what is the best path for us and what makes us happy.

There is nothing wrong with following a more traditional path. If you are constantly searching for meaning and want a life full of travel, adventure and spontaneity, I am here to say there is nothing wrong with that path either. Each person’s path is different and that is what makes the world unique and beautiful.

I hope this inspires you to do what makes you feel alive. Discover what makes you tick and pursue that passion with determination! The thing about my story, and your story, is that it is still being written. Every day brings a new adventure and opportunity, that’s what is so exciting and thrilling.

Thank you for following along and for your continued support!

“The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”
― Unknown

“Every day is a new beginning, a new adventure, renewed hope and a chance to make changes in your life, but you must let go of yesterday, its the past you can’t go back, all you can do is go forward, so forget about yesterday, embrace today and envision tomorrow.”
— Rashida Rowe

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