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Thinking to Work Abroad?

Are you moving across the ocean to begin a new career? Millions of expats traverse the breadth of the globe every year seeking work abroad, but what are the pros and cons of finding a career on foreign shores?

Pro: Amazing Independence

When we hit our late teens and early twenties, it’s natural to begin thinking about breaking free from the nest and forging our own way in the world.

That isn’t always easy to do – with the security of our parents often proving too tempting for a lot of people to break away from.

Moving overseas is extreme, but it’s probably the best way to ensure you’re tackling the big bad world alone. Getting a job in that location takes the process a step further and cements your independence in earnest.

Con: Missing Home

This might sound like a somewhat trivial point, but it stands to reason you’re going to greatly miss your loved ones when overseas.

Dealing with missing friends and family isn’t easy, but there’s plenty of ways to cope with the feeling, such as calling home as regularly as possible, staying mentally active, doing things you enjoy and keeping something sentimental from home with you.

This last step is particularly handy for homesick expats, with the theory being:

“When you start missing familiar faces and places, you’ll have a little bit of home right there with you.”

Pro: You’ll Settle Down Quicker

If you’ve moved to a new country, it’s only natural you might experience some sort of anxiety over acclimatising to their customs and culture.

Working a regular job goes a long way to helping you adapt far more promptly, as it gets you into a rhythm and routine which’ll keep you ticking over nicely.

Humanity thrives off order, so it’s no surprise working a regular job will see you fit the pattern of a new nation far more promptly.

Con: Your Domestic Experience Counts for Little

Yes, sadly there isn’t much crossover between the experience you’ve garnered working in your native country and searching for a job in your new location.

Unfortunately, it’s generally agreed “If you don’t know anyone in your new city, or you haven’t worked for a big multi-national company, then you’ll probably be starting from square one.” The Secret Traveller says this is one of the 10 things you’ll learn abroad.

Connections will always help, but ultimately you’ll be starting from scratch if you shift nations, as people are naturally inclined to question your credentials if they come from a foreign business climate.

Pro: Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Future

While that aforementioned issue of finding it hard to instantly grab a top-end job is certainly troublesome, the long-term benefits are well worth it.

Moving abroad and starting a new life and career shows a real get-up and go – something future employers will definitely be looking for.

The bravery and confidence shown by a candidate to take this incredible journey is without question something people will rate highly in the future – whether you remain in your new location or migrate back to your homeland.


Life overseas isn’t always a doable, but there are certainly advantages to forging a career on foreign shores. Remember to keep these points in mind when deciding whether you want to make the leap or not.

Please note this is a guest post. While I agree with the content and think it’s a wonderful topic, all opinions are property of Laurie.