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This will be a content heavy post because there’s so much to share. Hopefully you enjoy the new direction… I haven’t been blogging much. I haven’t been posting regularly on Facebook. I haven’t been on Instagram for weeks. That is about to change, but there are a few reasons why… Direction shift Quality family/friend time Exciting changes + opportunities 1. Direction shift Last month I shared Adjust Your Focus® is one and some changes that are coming. So, what’s in store for Adjust Your Focus®? Blog post content Countless times I’ve started a post but struggled to finish it. Right now in my drafts folder there’s 15+ started posts. What was coming naturally wasn’t anymore. Stepping away for a little while, I realized what the shift ...

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This past weekend it hit me… after returning home from WITS15, I worked non stop and shared my new venture with the world mid May. It’s been ONE year since Adjust Your Focus® launched! What’s happened in one year? Everything from getting Adjust Your Focus® registered to working on design projects and photography shoots to attending networking events and conferences to moving across the country to traveling around Europe, Australia and the USA. The biggest thing I’ve taken away is to just say yes. On both a personal level as well as work/blog related, that has made all the difference. What did I get up to? What did I say yes to? Summer June: Europe trip (Italy + Switzerland + France + England) I said yes… To ...

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The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award The Sisterhood award is given to female bloggers around the world, and Melody of Wherever I May Roam Blog has nominated me. Melody was one of the first people I met in Boston at WITS’15 and I’ve enjoyed following along on her adventures since. I’m honored to have made her list and grateful for the opportunity to participate. The rules for the award are to mention the blogger that nominated you, answer 10 questions of the bloggers choice, nominate 10 more bloggers, and make up new questions for your nominees to answer. I love that this award creates community among bloggers! Q&A 1. Where is your happy place? Over the years this has changed from ...

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