This will be a content heavy post because there’s so much to share. Hopefully you enjoy the new direction…

I haven’t been blogging much. I haven’t been posting regularly on Facebook. I haven’t been on Instagram for weeks. That is about to change, but there are a few reasons why…

  1. Direction shift
  2. Quality family/friend time
  3. Exciting changes + opportunities

1. Direction shift

Last month I shared Adjust Your Focus® is one and some changes that are coming. So, what’s in store for Adjust Your Focus®?

Blog post content

Countless times I’ve started a post but struggled to finish it. Right now in my drafts folder there’s 15+ started posts. What was coming naturally wasn’t anymore. Stepping away for a little while, I realized what the shift was.

The last 2 years I’ve traveled a lot (domestic + international) and while I was excited to share those adventures, I also wanted to share tips, lists and knowledge to make it beneficial to readers. I’ve been trying to figure out what my voice is and what to share + play catch up.

What’s the problem? “Top Ten (insert places to visit, things to do, etc)” list type posts are great but there are TONS of bloggers already doing that. Yes, everyone has a different opinion and I will share some guide/list posts, but I don’t want that to be the focus. I don’t it to just be about facts and lists. I don’t want to try to appeal to the masses.

Instead, I want to really use my voice to share deeper personal pieces and topics I’m passionate about. Topics like responsible tourism, animal rights, supporting locals, living life by your rules, etc. I want to share interviews and other creatives/bloggers/travelers/entrepreneurs stories. In doing so, I hope it will grow an authentic audience and build a community of people who are passionate about the same things.

Blog post categories + scheduling

So, what will be shared? Starting in July, there will be 5 main categories with additional posts some months (like guest posts).

  1. Interview/story (on creatives/bloggers/travelers/entrepreneurs)
  2. Travel (on a destination I have been to/highlights, responsible tourism, etc.)
  3. Review (on an accommodation, product, location, etc.)
  4. Animal (on animal right issues in tourism + related news stories. Example: incidents in Yellowstone NP)
  5. Personal (on upcoming events/recent news/trips/projects, deeper personal stories/reflecting and inspirational thoughts)


Along with at least 5 blog posts a month I will also be sharing vlogs + video on YouTube!! Stay tuned.

2. Quality family/friend time

The end of May I went back to the east coast for 2 weeks to visit friends and family in Maryland/DC/Virginia + a photo shoot in Philadelphia. It had been 9 months since I left and moved to Colorado. The trip was definitely busy with get togethers every day, quality family time with my dad and brother, doctor appointments and 2 photo shoots.

While there, I shared a little on my personal Facebook page and snapchat but for the most part stayed off social media so I could focus on the moment and relationships. It’s important to disconnect now and then.

3. Exciting changes + opportunities

Accepted a new job!

After 2 years of contracting/freelancing, it was time to find something else. The last few months I started applying to graphic design jobs in Colorado, had a few interviews and accepted what I think is the perfect opportunity right now.

Where will I be working?
The City of Boulder, in the Main Library.
>> This will be one of my first vlogs. I’ll be sharing much more in July + take you on a little tour of the space.

What will I be doing?
The main position is graphic design, where I’ll be rebranding/designing all the programs and events collateral material to give it a fresh and cohesive look. Something different but exciting is I’ll also be working to design the gallery space and help with exhibitions.

There is flexibility and I can work on building Adjust Your Focus® + continue with freelance projects!

Going on my first press trip!

It’s been in the works for a few weeks but I am happy to share that in a few days I leave for the Dominican Republic, my first press trip focused on an adventure in Puerto Plata. Along with 5 other bloggers we will be checking out all DR has to offer for 6 days… from different accommodations to zip lining, surfing, yoga/trapeze class, ATV tour, waterfall hike/canyoning tour and a cable car ride.

Big shout out to Jessica founder of A Passion and A Passport. She was offered the press trip but couldn’t go and thought of me. We have worked together on guest posts and she knows my style, work ethic and future vision. We were able to arrange with the tourism board to let me go on her behalf, as a representative! Ah, I am so excited. Thank you, thank you Jessica.

I’ll be sharing the adventure on Adjust Your Focus®, with vlogs + blog posts coming later. For now, my main focus will sharing content on A Passion and A Passport so be sure to watch that space.

Your turn

I finally feel like everything is coming together and couldn’t be happier! What about you?

What exciting things are you working on/towards? What do you think of the new blog post categories? Have you been to the DR/any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s tidbit
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”― Howard Thurman