One of the things I was most excited about moving to Colorado in September was exploring in fall. The air is crisp and cool. The vibrant aspen trees cover the landscape mountains in yellow and the sun creates a golden glow over the mountains. Yes, most people here are excited for snow because it means skiing/snowboarding, but I will admit winter is not my favorite season.

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ― William Cullen Bryant


I moved the first weekend in September and a week later was off to California with my sister for a belated birthday trip. While there wasn’t too much time in Colorado to explore I did have an impromptu day trip to Vail.

Aspens + Vail roadtrip

One Friday afternoon my mom and I got in the car with our dogs and drove, looking for the yellow aspen trees. It turned into a 100 mile little trip (each way), ending in Vail. After walking around the charming ski town we made it back to Lakewood after dark.

I love the feeling of driving somewhere new, sometimes with a plan and sometimes just to see where you end up.

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One of my favorite things about living in Colorado now is being close to Allie, allowing for lots of twin time. Every chance we got we were out exploring. Fall isn’t complete without a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Pumpkin patch

It had been years since I went to a pumpkin patch but was determined to go last year and again this year. Headed to Rock Creek Farm in Broomfield, CO. With over 100 acres of U-Pick-Em pumpkin fields to explore it wasn’t hard to find the perfect pumpkins. Along with pumpkin hunting there was also a hay bale maze and over six miles of corn mazes. It made for a fun day with Chris where I felt like a kid again. I love picking out that perfect pumpkin in the fall and christmas tree in the winter! Who else went to a pumpkin patch this year?

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Hiking adventures

With Allie working in a hospital, the fresh air is a good change for her… not to mention Sammy is also becoming a little hiker, enjoying the mountain air and trails. Of course, I am always with a camera in hand.

Some of the places we explored were St. Mary’s Glacier, Kenosha Pass and Lookout Mountain.

  • There will be a post coming that focuses just on St. Mary’s Glacier
  • Kenosha Pass offers stunning fall foliage, with patches of aspens you can walk in-between, along with spectacular views throughout. It also allows you to experience part of the Colorado Trail
  • Lookout Mountain Park has a panoramic view stretching from the Continental Divide to downtown Denver, acres of wooded foothills and the grave + historic collection of western legend Buffalo Bill. Unfortunately when I was here, a storm was rolling in so the view wasn’t as good


“Go spend time with the aspen trees. They’ll tell you how it works. They’ll tell you to look to your roots for energy. They’ll tell you there’s warmth below the surface.” ― Kaya McLaren

Kenosha Pass

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Lookout Mountain

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And not only did we have twin hiking time, but also picnics in the park.



November is always a busy season. It seems to sneak up right after Halloween and before we know it Thanksgiving is here. When I returned from Hawaii, I relished the last of fall. By mid November most of the leaves had fallen, leaving a crunchy trail behind that was covered in the first snow.

Elk Meadow Park

After some of the snow had melted from the first storm, my mom and I headed to explore a new area with the dogs. Elk Meadow Park has a couple different trail options. We decided to stick to exploring the open meadow, saving the mountain trails for when there is less snow.

As we left the park, passing through a neighborhood, we found a bunch of elk grazing and napping on a sunny snowy afternoon. Thankfully I had my large lens with me, just in case… after all being called Elk Meadow I was hoping to see them!

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Family time + Thanksgiving

When I returned from Hawaii my dad was in town for a week visiting my sister and I. We explored around Denver as well as drove along Loveland Pass, located on the Continental Divide. There was snow but the roads weren’t too bad then (the twisty road is considered to be especially treacherous during the winter months with a steep grade and numerous hairpin turns).

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom, sister and her husband. As I said in my Thanksgiving post, there is so much to be grateful for. It is the best time to remember, thank and appreciate the many blessings that life brings you. I hope everyone had a warm and loving holiday!

The day after Thanksgiving my brother came for a week to visit. November (and into December) was special because I was able to spend time with all my family. It’s rare these days for my sister, brother and I to be in the same place so I cherish it.

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And there you have it, cheers! What fun fall festivities did you get up to?


Today’s tidbit:
“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.” ― Elizabeth Lawrence