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When it comes to traveling, there are lots of different options on where to go + WHO to go with. Do you venture out solo, go with family, book a tour and/or explore with a friend? Up until this year I had always gone solo or with family. In June that changed when Holly (a friend + roommate) and I decided to stop talking about Europe and make the trip a reality. As the Thanksgiving week starts, it’s a good time to think about everything you are grateful for. Exploring near or far, from Washington, D.C. to Europe, one of the many things I’m grateful for is having a true friend + travel partner like Holly and the many travel adventures this ...

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??? Do you travel solo? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about going on a tour but aren’t sure where to start or which company to go with? Who is Contiki? Are they a good fit for you? Why should you go? What do people who have gone on a Contiki tour really think? In my last At a Glance: Taste of Europe post I shared some highlights of my time in Europe, where I spent a very busy two weeks exploring 4 countries and 6 cities. After receiving many questions, like the ones above, this post focuses on tours and Contiki specifically. A little background The last two years I have been fortunate to travel all over the world. The majority of ...

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After returning home from my month overseas in March, I spent April + May working on freelance design projects and launched Adjust Your Focus™. While I love being home, after about a month the travel bug bites. One of my best friends, Holly and I had been talking about exploring Europe for a while and finally decided to make that a reality in June! Image below: Sammy had some thoughts about my packing, climbing into my suitcase. How cute is he? So what happened? Spent a very busy two weeks exploring… 4 countries, 6 cities, 3 flights, 3 airlines, 1 ferry, 2 hop on bus tours and 1 crazy Contiki coach. I left with hundreds of photos, many new friends, countless ...

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Thursday Thoughts There are a few different blog series I want to start, with the first being Thursday Thoughts. Content will range from recently read articles to new destinations. The main purpose of these is to get YOU to share your thoughts. We all have stories and feedback that can benefit someone else + I would love to hear from you! Another Adventure In February and March I traveled to Morocco, Spain (Barcelona), Canary Islands, Italy (Milan) and Massachusetts (Boston). There will be lots of posts coming on those incredible adventures, but for now I’m excited to announce the next trip. In two weeks I will be exploring Europe with one of my best friends, Holly! Normally I travel solo ...

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