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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 A new year symbolizes a clean slate; a fresh start. Leaving the past behind and embracing the magic of new beginnings and possibilities. We let go of all regret and failure from the year behind us, and fill our lungs with hope for the future. Go forward with your vision even if no one else sees it but you. I have always enjoyed checking things off a list, turning the page and starting fresh. There is something refreshing about a new day, a new month, a new year. Instead of setting resolutions, that always feel unattainable and never actually take flight, I made New Year’s Affirmations last year that I really liked. This year I’m setting a ...

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This will be a content heavy post because there’s so much to share. Hopefully you enjoy the new direction… I haven’t been blogging much. I haven’t been posting regularly on Facebook. I haven’t been on Instagram for weeks. That is about to change, but there are a few reasons why… Direction shift Quality family/friend time Exciting changes + opportunities 1. Direction shift Last month I shared Adjust Your Focus® is one and some changes that are coming. So, what’s in store for Adjust Your Focus®? Blog post content Countless times I’ve started a post but struggled to finish it. Right now in my drafts folder there’s 15+ started posts. What was coming naturally wasn’t anymore. Stepping away for a little while, I realized what the shift ...

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This past weekend it hit me… after returning home from WITS15, I worked non stop and shared my new venture with the world mid May. It’s been ONE year since Adjust Your Focus® launched! What’s happened in one year? Everything from getting Adjust Your Focus® registered to working on design projects and photography shoots to attending networking events and conferences to moving across the country to traveling around Europe, Australia and the USA. The biggest thing I’ve taken away is to just say yes. On both a personal level as well as work/blog related, that has made all the difference. What did I get up to? What did I say yes to? Summer June: Europe trip (Italy + Switzerland + France + England) I said yes… To ...

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Upcoming Domestic + International Trip 2016 started off rough but March is going to be, and already has been, a great month for many reasons. A few possible opportunities in the works but for now, happy to share this weekend I will be heading to California and in 10 days I’ll be on a plane to Australia! Irvine, California One year ago I attended Women in Travel Summit (WITS’15), the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women, in Boston, MA. The conference brought together 300 women with a passion for travel. It was overwhelming (in the best way possible) being around so many beautiful, adventurous, curious, creative, passionate, and inspirational like-minded women (read more). This weekend I will be in ...

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What happened in 2o15? Playing catch up, last month I shared a 2014 Travel Highlights post. 2015 was definitely my biggest travel year so far! Going through thousands of photos trying to narrow down the highlights was both a challenge and also neat to relive it all again. Who’s ready for the travel bug to hit? “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous Where to? 7 countries | 18 US states + 7 National Parks Morocco: Casablanca + Rabat + Meknes + Fes + Sahara Desert, Merzouga + Ouarzazate + Marrakech + Essaouira Spain: Barcelona Canary Islands: Madeira + Tenerife + Lanzarote + Malaga Italy: Milan + Rome + Pisa + Florence Switzerland: Lucerne + Lauterbrunnen + Swiss Alps France: ...

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This is not easy to share but for everyone who’s been asking about Global Degree, Australia, Colorado and what’s next… here you go! Raw & Real Yesterday I posted a new YouTube video, sharing a difficult time + how I’m adjusting my focus, again. Putting something so personal out there and getting emotional (fighting tears below) is not something I’d normally do. >> see video here After watching the clip, and receiving a dozen emails the last two days, I realize there is still a lot I want to say as well as clear up some things. Breakups are never easy I have mentioned what an impact South Africa had in 2013 (read more here) but what I didn’t share was how ...

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