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Onto the next opportunity Back in December I shared the first Global Degree post, which included my video entry and more info about the contest. The winner was announced yesterday and life has another path for me. Being completely honest Sitting in one of the last presentations at WITS yesterday, my heart dropped when I got a notification that the winner was announced… and unfortunately I will not be joining the team. First off, I want to say congratulations to Andrew Santos! The video was very creative and well done, and in a few weeks he’ll be embarking on a life changing trip. Today I have been reading a lot of comments on social media regarding the winner and that many of the ...

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What happened in 2o15? Playing catch up, last month I shared a 2014 Travel Highlights post. 2015 was definitely my biggest travel year so far! Going through thousands of photos trying to narrow down the highlights was both a challenge and also neat to relive it all again. Who’s ready for the travel bug to hit? “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous Where to? 7 countries | 18 US states + 7 National Parks Morocco: Casablanca + Rabat + Meknes + Fes + Sahara Desert, Merzouga + Ouarzazate + Marrakech + Essaouira Spain: Barcelona Canary Islands: Madeira + Tenerife + Lanzarote + Malaga Italy: Milan + Rome + Pisa + Florence Switzerland: Lucerne + Lauterbrunnen + Swiss Alps France: ...

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This is not easy to share but for everyone who’s been asking about Global Degree, Australia, Colorado and what’s next… here you go! Raw & Real Yesterday I posted a new YouTube video, sharing a difficult time + how I’m adjusting my focus, again. Putting something so personal out there and getting emotional (fighting tears below) is not something I’d normally do. >> see video here After watching the clip, and receiving a dozen emails the last two days, I realize there is still a lot I want to say as well as clear up some things. Breakups are never easy I have mentioned what an impact South Africa had in 2013 (read more here) but what I didn’t share was how ...

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Think back to that first trip that really changed you… For me it was South Africa & Swaziland in 2013. Imagine this Imagine waking up at 5am to the sounds of wildlife and having no idea what it is. Once you realize it’s not a dream you jump out of bed and peek through the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything moving. You grab the camera and quietly open the door, trying to not scare anything that might be roaming nearby. And there you see antelope wandering around in herds and monkey running along the gravel path while giraffe and zebra roam freely, coming within feet of the rondavel. You stand there in awe, taking it all in and ...

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Inspire & be inspired If you could travel to every nation of the world would you? There is an incredible opportunity to make that dream a reality but I NEED your help the next 2 months! Earning my Global Degree isn’t something I can do alone. I have until the end of February to get all votes in (voting link/info below). It’s not just about voting to help me win though. It’s not just about turning a dream into a reality. It’s about inspiring others. Like with Adjust Your Focus™, I hope by the time you get to the bottom of this post it inspires you to do what makes you feel alive. Discover what makes you tick and pursue ...

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