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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 A new year symbolizes a clean slate; a fresh start. Leaving the past behind and embracing the magic of new beginnings and possibilities. We let go of all regret and failure from the year behind us, and fill our lungs with hope for the future. Go forward with your vision even if no one else sees it but you. I have always enjoyed checking things off a list, turning the page and starting fresh. There is something refreshing about a new day, a new month, a new year. Instead of setting resolutions, that always feel unattainable and never actually take flight, I made New Year’s Affirmations last year that I really liked. This year I’m setting a ...

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(photo source: Ryusuke Komori) Thinking to Work Abroad? Are you moving across the ocean to begin a new career? Millions of expats traverse the breadth of the globe every year seeking work abroad, but what are the pros and cons of finding a career on foreign shores? Pro: Amazing Independence When we hit our late teens and early twenties, it’s natural to begin thinking about breaking free from the nest and forging our own way in the world. That isn’t always easy to do – with the security of our parents often proving too tempting for a lot of people to break away from. Moving overseas is extreme, but it’s probably the best way to ensure you’re tackling the big ...

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International Women’s Day March 8. International Women’s Day. A time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities (more). “He offered her the world. She said she had her own.” – Monique Duval Recently I have found myself sharing a deep connection with many beautiful souls. Women who honor and nurture their own strength. Women who are true to themselves. Women who have the determination to turn their dreams into a reality. Women who face challenges head on and embrace risk + change. Women who realize their struggles are gifts because when you question the purpose of ...

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Love is everywhere Yesterday, snuggled up next to Sammy, I woke up to messages that made me both smile and cry. It was an interesting way to start the day and decided a loooong walk to a local park was a must. There, on a blustery cloudy morning, I found a quiet spot next to a lake. The dogs happily laid in the grass and for a couple minutes I sat there, meditating. I tried my hardest not to focus on anything but my breath. Focusing on that moment. When I opened my eyes and looked down this bright heart shaped leaf was next to me. Love is everywhere. After a couple hours, I made it back and found this lovely surprise brunch ...

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This is not easy to share but for everyone who’s been asking about Global Degree, Australia, Colorado and what’s next… here you go! Raw & Real Yesterday I posted a new YouTube video, sharing a difficult time + how I’m adjusting my focus, again. Putting something so personal out there and getting emotional (fighting tears below) is not something I’d normally do. >> see video here After watching the clip, and receiving a dozen emails the last two days, I realize there is still a lot I want to say as well as clear up some things. Breakups are never easy I have mentioned what an impact South Africa had in 2013 (read more here) but what I didn’t share was how ...

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Colorado Instameet A few months ago I moved to Colorado and have been exploring as much as possible. I’ve followed Jacob Moon for a while and love his photography. When the #WinterTribeMeetup he organized popped up in my Instagram feed, inviting us to join him and his wife Natasha on an amazing winter adventure in Colorado, I was immediately interested. Why go? Meet Jacob + Natasha? Make new friends that have similar interests and plan future adventures? Go winter camping with the experts? Learn how to make a proper snow cave? Plan to sleep in a tent but end up sleeping in a snow cave? Get out of your comfort zone? Night photography? Winter fun? YES to all the above! While those ...

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