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Colorado Instameet A few months ago I moved to Colorado and have been exploring as much as possible. I’ve followed Jacob Moon for a while and love his photography. When the #WinterTribeMeetup he organized popped up in my Instagram feed, inviting us to join him and his wife Natasha on an amazing winter adventure in Colorado, I was immediately interested. Why go? Meet Jacob + Natasha? Make new friends that have similar interests and plan future adventures? Go winter camping with the experts? Learn how to make a proper snow cave? Plan to sleep in a tent but end up sleeping in a snow cave? Get out of your comfort zone? Night photography? Winter fun? YES to all the above! While those ...

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August 19: Photography. Passion. Purpose. Perspective. Did you know today is World Photo Day? I couldn’t be happier to celebrate the art of photo taking. You can always find me with at least one camera. Just the other day someone asked why I was using a compact camera instead of my phone. As I mention on the photography page Traveling near or far, I am inspired by the little details, fleeting moments, characters, smiles and sensory explosions that bring a destination to life. Every day offers new adventures and chances to capture + freeze those awe-inspiring moments. I feel like my mind is trained to look at things differently because I take tons of pictures. From the perfect lighting to a unique ...

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