It’s an amazing thing when you network and meet people (and brands) that really speak to you. Skyler, founder/owner of SugarSky, is one of those positive, empowering women I connected instantly with last month and I’m thrilled to introduce.

What is SugarSky?

A handmade in the USA headwear business specifically geared towards those who love adventure, travel, and the beautiful outdoors (yes, yes, and yes).

A little background

Sky is originally from Mississippi but has traveled all over, and is currently living in Georgia. Although a construction engineer by degree, her entrepreneur spirit led to SugarSky.

She had started a division inside a software company and was holding a Director level position managing a fairly large team, but slowly grew to see that what she thought was her passion was diminishing for many reasons. Following her heart and passion, she left that job and all forms of financial security only a few months after marrying her husband, in search of finding something more. So many people, myself included, can relate to this feeling of wanting to do more and it is such a wonderful thing when you see people taking a leap of faith and not settle. Sky followed her dreams, leading to this beautiful company.

After ordering online, my headband arrived a few days later.



Handmade with love

One thing that really sets SugarSky apart is the vision + hands behind the product.

“I envision an awesome workplace environment, employing people and crafters from right here in the U.S., and us, along with our customers, building an incredible brand. My days can be filled with knowing that others are smiling because of what we’re doing and are going to do here at SugarSky… and that’s why I started this company.” ― Skyler

What I love is she wants to do her part to empower and employ women. Instead of outsourcing, all the products are handmade in the USA by struggling women that she has been able to employ.

Why did you decide to go “handmade”? Is it stressful hand making everything you sell?

“Yes and no. We realize that it would be a lot easier to outsource this stuff (to China, etc)… but wouldn’t we then be at the mercy of another company to drive our decisions? Also, part of our mission is empowering people. We want to employ and empower those right here in the U.S. Our gear is high quality AND all products are customer tested before released. Hand making everything gives us the capability to listen to our customers, make custom designs/items, and much more! On the flip side, demand for particular items is a constant learning curve, but we guesstimate as best as we can for stock and if not, there’s always rush shipping! :)” ― Skyler

It speaks volumes about the heart of the brand, don’t you think?


Headband in Hawaii

Nawiliwili, Kauai

The headband arrived just in time for my last trip of 2015: 2 weeks in Hawaii. There will be many Hawaii posts coming but for now I want to feature Kauai and Kona, where I wore the headband the most. With the humidity, changing weather and saltwater it definitely was not only beautiful but useful.

Our first day in Nawiliwili was spent driving around Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, stopping at different lookouts. The following day was all about the beach. It was walking distance from the port (cruise on NCL Pride of America) and luckily the morning storm passed and the afternoon was full of plenty of sunshine.


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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The trip ended with a few days in Kona. Wandering outside the resort we discovered the Keauhou Canoe Club, which is located at Keauhou Bay and whose name means “a new beginning”. Their mission is to educate youth and the community about Hawaiian culture, values, and traditions + promote competitive and recreational outrigger canoe paddling and other water sports in historic Keauhou Bay.

This is what I love about traveling…  stumbling into local hidden gems that you only find from wandering around. We were able to talk to a few locals who told us all about this bay and the canoe club.


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Support SugarSky

It’s the holiday season and these headbands would make the perfect gift for those on your list who love adventure, travel, and the beautiful outdoors. As a graphic designer, I have to say it makes me happy to see lovely branding & packaging + attention to detail. Did you notice that in the pictures above?

I only have good things to say, from customer service to testing the product in hot Hawaii, and will definitely be wearing it hiking in cooler Colorado now. > Shop mine here + looking at this next

Sky and I would love to hear from you! Share how you like the product + how you wear it on social media and tag #sugarskyshop & #adjustyourfocus to be featured.

Thank you to SugarSky for sponsoring this post.